I finally made ornaments from the slices of Christmas tree trunks I have saved over the last 2 years. I only wish I had saved them over the last 10 years! I saw this idea in a 2011 Better Homes and Gardens magazine and thought it would be a perfect way to remember our traditional trips to the North Carolina mountain tree farms to pick our tree each year. I noted a few memorable occasions from the year on the back of each ornament as well.

To make the ornament, slice a 1/2″-1″ piece off the tree trunk and let the slice thoroughly dry out for several days…or years in my case while I waited for time to make these! Then sand with coarse grit sandpaper until fairly smooth on both sides. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth and then use a fine point permanent marker to write the date, year, etc. Then you can use a small eye screw in the top of the ornament to attach a loop of string or ribbon. I tied on a little bow made with twine as well to give it some more rustic flair.

I made one for 2013 as well, but I thought I would seal them with furniture wax so I started with the 2013 slice. It smeared the permanent marker and it looks pretty awful, so I will have to cut another slice when we take down the tree. I left the other 2 un-sealed.

Christmas Tree Trunk Ornaments